Lifetime Job Placement


Become a Business Owner:

  • Earn 15% - 30% more than a company driver
  • No $$$$$ down
  • No credit checks
  • Minimum of 90 days as a company driver

Share your Success:

  • Within as little as 6 months become a lease operator trainer
  • Join the elite group that  trainins America's driving force
  • Increase your potential earnings to as much as 2X that of a company driver

TDA makes a sincere effort to assist drivers in finding suitable employment by acting as employee-employer liaisons and by providing job matching services.

Job placement leads are usually generated through employer calls from our office, internet resources, and EDD resources. In addition, many companies call our office exclusively to help them fill their needs in hiring new drivers. We have alliances with more than one major trucking company who set aside spots for our graduates for hiring orientations. We also have on staff a Job Developer who comes to us with many connections in the trucking industry.

TDA has assisted in the driver placement process throughout every aspect of the trucking industry. This includes: over-the-road truck drivers, tanker truck drivers, beverage industry truck drivers, construction truck drivers, refuse transfer truck drivers, flatbed truck drivers, and logging truck drivers.

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