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 CAREER GOALS The purpose of this section of the application is to assist you in reaching your career goals. Please answer all questions completely and honestly so we can find the best fit for you.

DRIVING RECORD Each trucking company will have its own hiring restrictions dependent upon the driving history. This section will help us to determine if you qualify for over the road jobs or a job in the local market.

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CRIMINAL HISTORY Most trucking companies that deliver to others states and Canada must be made aware of all past misdemeanor and felony offenses. A yes answer will not necessarily disqualify you from employment with OTR companies and will not disqualify you from attending school, but will assist us placing you in the appropriate program.

WORK HISTORY Please list all jobs in the past 3 years, including exact month and year on dates of employment. If dates are not accurate, please leave blank. All trucking companies must verify the past 3 years for non‐experienced drivers and some situations, such as a company that is out of business, will require documentation to back up the information you have supplied.

EMERGENCY CONTACT Please list the name and contact information of the person we may contact on your behalf.

I understand that by making this application, I am not guaranteed acceptance to school, nor am I bound to attend training solely on the completion of this application. I further acknowledge that I have completed this application myself after reading it entirely and that I have answered it to the best of my knowledge that all statements are true in substance and fact.